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Whittaker Road Fallsburg, NY 12733

Concept plan for residential development. These adjacent parcels are only 10 minutes from NYS Route 17 “Quickway” Exit 105, which is becoming modern Interstate 86 (I-86) about 90-miles to NYC.

P993+CJC South Fallsburg, New York

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SBL - 47.-1-5.1 Town of Fallsburg & SBL 3.-1-10 Town of Thompson

Route 94 - Town of blooming grove

2 Possible proposals for mixed-use, multi-family, or office building.

CR44+C9X South Blooming Grove, New York

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SBL - 18-1-77.11 Town of Blooming Grove

349 NY-17M, Monroe, NY 10950

Great opportunity for small business, +great storage.

349 NY-17M, Monroe, NY 10950

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SBL - 25-3-6.11 Town of Monroe

5 Heidi Ln, Town of blooming grov

Beautiful Cul-De-Sac located in a serene area.

5 Heidi Ln, Chester, NY 10918

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55-1-76 - Town of Blooming Grove

St Hway 42 - Town of Fallsburg

Great opportunity for store-front or business at the five corners in Fallsburg could be commercial and residential both

P9MV+3VC Fallsburg, New York

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SBL - 40.-1-1 Town of Fallsburg


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